Some Things That I Like

Yesterday, aboard my 18 foot retirement yacht (I’ve always wished to die upon a boat), I stared longingly at the sea, awaiting her sweet kiss of death. At 86 my life has seen its peak, and while the mountain climb is far over, an old man can only do but one thing: wish for death, and watch the tide.

As I felt the air rising in my sagging chest, I knew that while I wasn’t dead, my cells have been decomposing at alaming rates- for little attention has been paid to their upkeep. I heard the words in my mind: A shallow grave, the waters touch, too many to swim, but not too much… And I created an impromptu poem on the deck of my Yacht. I call it:

Some Things That I Like

A shallow grave

The Waters Touch

Too Many to swim

But not too much

For he who holds on

Is the fool who lives

Another day

Another day

Some things that I like

are carried away

away with the waves

Away with their graves

The decomposing soul

of a poets spark

fades brightly into the mist

then goes away dark

And he who knows

His final bell tolls

Will only knows

The chime of crows

And he who knows

His final bell tolls

Will never knows

Will never knows.

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